Yesterday, the teaching fellows made their way into Bogota. I met a variety of people coming from all over the world. My roommates (a really cool group of ladies) represent the USA, the UK and Singapore, and we’ve spent the last couple of nights girl-bonding.

There are approximately 150 teaching fellows that arrived yesterday coming from Europe, North America, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and Australia. It’s been really cool interacting with so many different people and finding out what cities that they are being placed in. I’ve even found a few other Torontonians 🙂

Today was Day 1 of orientation. It was really a long day of administrative and logistic stuff — plenty of forms to complete, policies and procedures to review, insurance and banking stuff to be taken care of, and blood to be taken (yes, we had to have our blood taken). A log day that required a 5:30 am wake-up.

We did have some free time in the afternoon. We used the time to go for a walk in the neighbourhood looking for a supermarket and a shoe store. Not only did we fail in that task (settling for a convenience store and briefly browsing a small clothing boutique), but we got caught in a rainstorm that caused flooding in the street. The weather changes so quickly here in Bogotá, going from cloudy in the early morning to sunny in the late morning to downpour in the afternoon.

Tomorrow is going to be an even longer day, with an even earlier wake-up time and going off-site for our Unica training.

So far it’s been a good experience, the best part being the new friends and colleagues that I’ve met. Haven’t had time to go sight-seeing as yet, but the next thing on the list to do is to go to the mall 🙂

View from the room
View from the room